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Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

Dr. Ajang Farid is specialized in Forensic Dentistry, and as such he is in charge of the dental section of the Hungarian Disaster Victim Identification Team. He received his training in the United States at the American Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In this capacity he also gives lectures to dental and medical students at the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest on Forensic Dentistry and its role in recovering human remains in mass disasters.

In the event of any mass fatality incident, despite the cause, disaster victim identification must be undertaken; the humanitarian and legal responsibility for this falls on the forensic community. Mass fatality incidents can be natural (e.g., tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes), accidental (e.g. plane crash, building collapse, ship sinking) or can occur as a result of a terrorist attack. Terrorism alone has been responsible for thousands of deaths in recent years and can be encountered in many forms (e.g., suicide bombings, airplane hijackings). In mass fatality situations, the experitise of many specialities are called on to assist in the identification efforts and to allow for the speedy return of recovered human remains to the relatives of the deceased. Dental identification has always played a very important role in identifying victims of mass disasters, as a very reliable and efficient method.